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My name is Brandon Mimms, I was born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario which in the grand scheme of things is a small town. I grew up in this small town full of narrow minded individuals who believe that education and traditional careers make you “successful”. I graduated high school and went to college for three years as expected. I studied Sales and Marketing however never felt that any of the classes I took provided focus on social media or the value in it.

I knew if I truly wanted to have success in the social media world I would have to take it into my own hands. That’s when it all began; I started by building Instagram accounts for fun which led to a female focused twitter account. That account reached over 500,000 followers and that’s when I realized the true potential. People started to reach out for advertisements, shout outs etc. This is when building accounts for pleasure turned into a side hustle which ultimately led to my social media career.

I have now worked with multi million dollar companies, smaller personal brands, professional hockey players, musicians and other social media influencers. I stayed persistent, even through all the negativity. I knew the true potential of social media and worked hard to establish myself in this ever growing world. All thanks to social media. If you have big dreams work hard until you achieve them! Don’t let narrow minds dull your shine.

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get noticed

With my services & long term relationships in the social industry I will be able to provide multiple services that will secure the following.

Real Interactive Followers

Sharable Links

Personal Promotions

Product Promotions


Brand Awareness

& More

My Process

my process


The first step is getting your name out there. In order to do that I use my accounts to give you or your brand the necessary exposure. Exposure across multiple platforms within & outside of your niche will help grow your overall reach. Once the name is known & reach is achieved we will begin the growth process.


Secondly we have growth. This step is where I use my accounts to not only make your brand known but increase your follower number. I use promotional strategies to gain more traction & engagement on my post in which you will be tagged & mentioned to follow. Dont worry, I don’t buy these followers because that wouldn’t help step number three, which is one of the most important factors in keeping up your personal/professional brand going.


The final phase is one of the most important in my opinion and is how I manage to help others grow. By increasing my engagement with interactive captions and posts it allows my followers to be entertained as well as provides me with exposure to even more accounts. Engagement is the KEY to success. The more people interact with your post, the more exposure you will get which in turn will provide you with more followers ( if your content is good). I am able to bypass the engagement part to jump-start your growth however engaging your audience will be what keeps them around.  For more tips on how I increase my engagement please contact me.

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youtube channel

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My YouTube channel is coming soon!

I will be updating on my social media channels when my channel is available - in the mean time, check back soon or connect with me on social media!


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